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Technology & Art Therapy
Chapter Author: Art Therapists and Digital Community
Virtual Art Therapy: Research and Practice | Routledge 2022
Michelle Winkel, Editor

Guest Co-Editor for Special Issue on Online Art Therapy
Online Art Therapy During the COVID-19 Pandemic | 2020
International Journal of Art Therapy 25(4)

The Art Therapist's Guide to Social Media | Routledge 2018
Gretchen M. Miller, Author
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Implications of National Trends in Digital Media Use for Art Therapy Practice |Journal of Clinical Art Therapy 3(1) | 2016 
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Chapter Author, Social Media and Creative Motivation
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Online art therapy groups for young adults with cancer 
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Creative Destruction and Transformation in Art and Therapy: Reframing, Reforming, Reclaiming | 2022
Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association
Jacobson-Levy, M., & Miller, G.M.

Chapter Co-Author with Drew Luan Matott, Papermaking
Palgrave Encyclopedia of Health Humanities | In press
Paul Crawford and Paul Kadetz, Editors

​Chapter Co-Author with Drew Luan Matott, Papermaking
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Art Therapy in Pandemics: Lessons for COVID-19 | 2020
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Chapter Co-Author with Nicole Brandstrup and Jordan Potash
Lessons from Mistakes in Adolescent Art Therapy
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Chapter Co-Author, Art Therapy and Domestic Violence
Handbook of Art Therapy (2nd Edition) | Guilford Press 2011
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Chapter Author, Adolescent Art Therapy
Handbook of Art Therapy (2nd Edition) | Guilford Press 2011
Cathy A. Malchiodi, Editor

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Forthcoming- The Art and Art Therapy of Papermaking: 
Material, Methods, and Applications | Routledge
Edited by Drew Luan Matott and Gretchen M. Miller 

A comprehensive volume about the contemporary practices, media, and value of hand papermaking as social engagement, art therapy, and personal voice. Divided into three sections that highlight each of these areas, 20 contributors explore topics such as advocacy, work with survivors, community outreach, medical challenges, and how papermaking can empower creative expression, stories of change, recovery, and reclamation to address trauma, grief and loss, social action, as well as firsthand experiences. Previous books have covered hand papermaking or art therapy media as stand-alone subjects; this text is the first of its kind that unites and describes the convergence of papermaking in all these forms.